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Russell S. of Miami, Florida

(from—used by permission from Russell S., May 2012)

Russell S. at the 54th Annual Tri-State Convention, 2014, in Evansville, Indiana

Russell S., Alcoholics & God series, 2014

Russell S., Step 9, West Dixie Club. September 2014

Russell S., Emotional Sobriety series, B’nai Torah, Boca Raton, FL, 2014

Russell S., West Dixie Group, Miami, FL, 2014

Russell S., Step Series, 12 Step House, Fort Lauderdale, FL (started 6/17/2014)

Russell S., Saturday Night Young People’s Group, 2014

Russell S., Raise Your Hand, B’nai Torah, March 2014

Russell S., Step Series, Life Is Good Group, (started March 5, 2014)

Russell S. & Paul E., Big Book Workshop, Zion Lutheran Church, Deerfield Beach, FL
(February 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 2014)

Russell S., Step Series at KISS Group, Back on Track Clubhouse, North Miami, FL,
started November 2013

Russell S., Jaywalker Group, Miami, 2013

Russell S., Step 6, Step 7, Steps 8 & 9, Step 10, Step 11, separate talks at the
Killian Pines Group, 2013

Russell S., Step Series at Unity of Pompano, started April 2, 2013

Russell S., Saturday Night Old-timer's Meeting, 12 Step House, Ft. Lauderdale, 2013

Russell S., Step 4 at the Little River Club, "A Little Off," 2013

Russell S., Christmas Day, 2012, 32 years later, at Unity Church, Life is Good meeting

Russell S., Step Series Saturdays, The Triangle Club, Miami, Florida

Russell S., Upper Keys Gratitude Dinner, Florida, 2012

Russell S., 12 Step House, 2012

Russell S., The Office, Men’s Stag, Santa Monica, CA, 2012

Russell S., Unity of Pompano, 2012

Russell S., The 101 Club, 2012

Russell S., Chabad Steps, 2012

Russell S., Saturday Night Sobriety, 2012

Russell S., WICYPAA Convention, 2012

Russell S. Sabal Palms 2011-2012

Russell S. Xmas Eve Old Timers Meeting 12 Step House 2011

Russell S. Fort Lauderdale Speaker Group

Russell S. North Miami Group Upper Room 2011

Russell S. Grenada Presbyterian Church Alive Again

Russell S. West Miami Group 2011

Russell S. Calvary Chapel Miami

Russell S. Chabad Steps 2011

Russell S. Old Timers 2/26/2011

Russell S. New Year’s Day 2011

Russell S. New Year’s Day 2011

Russell S. Little River Club 2010-2011

Russell S. 12 Step House 2010

Russell S. I’m Compelled 4/2010

Russell S. Chabad 2010

Russell S. FL State Convention 2008

Russell S. The 101 Club 2008

Russell S. Bali Indonesia 2007

Russell S. 12 & 12 Group 2006

Russell S. Greensboro Mind 2006

Russell S., Step 8: "Outgrowing Fear," The 12 Step House, 2005

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